a brief history

For more then 110 years, BSM Factory has been designing and manufacturing wooden furniture in the east of the Netherlands. It was no coincidence that the factory was founded in this area, surrounded by forests offering enough material for the manufacturing process.

Deeply rooted in dutch chair making traditions, our people have developed special skills for generations with a deep understanding of wood. Steam bending wood is one of our unique techniques we still use since 1906.

our factory today

Today our factory is still located in exact the same place as 110 years ago. Specializing in 3D Solid Woodworks, we continue to develop our knowledge and expertise. Combining our traditional techniques with latest technology and designs we create great new wooden furniture pieces.

We collaborate with leading designers, architects and brands. We share our ideas, providing them a platform of expertise and craftmenship.

what we do

Product Development

We offer our clients a complete product development service, from concept design through production.

3D Engineering

With our industrial design team, we are able to develop your product further with a fresh and innovative approach.


The best way to understand a product is to build it. To get a feel for the shape and functionality of product.


Using our modern machinery, advanced design software and our craftsmen, we produce a wide range of high end individual products.


To ensure that all our products are shipped with no errors or defects, we pre-assemble all of the parts in our workshop.


We design your custom packaging to protect your products and ensure they arrive safely at their destinations.